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Doors Into Convention Centre
« on: April 16, 2017, 04:20:07 PM »
I like the new venue. There were some problems with it this year which I'm sure will be worked out next year. One was the entrance to the ground floor. Because the hotel did or could not provide a door guard, the doors were kept locked; members could leave through them, (for instance to get a coffee at the Timmies just outside), but could not re-enter through them. To get back into FE2017, members had to go to the corner, cross Queens Quay, come back down to the foot of Mount Westin, climb stairs, stairs and more stairs, pass through the Revolving Door of Doom, pass through the lobby, climb more stairs, (or wait for the elevator), select the correct side passage, climb down stairs, cross the skywalk and (optionally) go down the escalator. It was ridiculous!

My suggestion is to move the Volunteers Desk to the opposite side of the escalators, beside the entrance and keep one volunteer there just to let anybody with a badge back in, even just for certain hours. Maybe s/he could have a sign with "Please show your badge." on one side and "Sorry! No badge, no entry." on the other.
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Re: Doors Into Convention Centre
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 07:02:25 AM »
Hi D'Otter,

Thanks for the feedback with regards to access to Furnal Equinox. We take responsibility for the decision to only have one entrance at the far end of the skybridge; our goal was to best ensure the safety and security of our attendees by having one authorized entrance. It is our responsibility to control access to the space, not the hotel's, and we generally rely upon our volunteer security team for this.

We recognize based on a LOT of attendee feedback that this arrangement was very inconvenient, especially for attendees with mobility concerns, and will definitely be revisiting the placement of access points for 2018.

As you alluded to we are in a new venue and learned a lot this year about how best to operate -- we appreciate everyone's patience with us as we worked these little things out!
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