Author Topic: ok who is going to come visit us at what the fur next weekend ......??????  (Read 713 times)


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i do hope some of you remember that there is another local con just a few hundred kilomiters away right here in montreal... we have moved into swanky new digs snuggled right up against old montreal , so you can even take in the sights , and heck pretend you are a tourist for a couple of hours . i also want to remind you all that we also have a con suite which i run , many of you remember me from such cons as furnal equinox and condition blue , where i annoyed the heck out of you !well i am back , and i will be holding milk and cookie socials at uncle wizzy's huggle time . we got an awesome con suite we also will hosting the furnal equinox ice cream social and our world renowned chocolate tasting event right after opening ceremonies. so come on by and visit us .... huggle hope to see some of you here uncle wizzy the dizzy /wave /pika /sheep /beaver /nod /cutelook /hula

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cant go to WTF but ill be seeing you at AN the weekend after :3