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Looking for the Artist
« on: June 06, 2015, 03:44:11 PM »
I was Going through my collection of books and things when i came across a envelope of some long forgotten art i had  from back in 2010 from What The fur.  Hence why I'm posting it here which i hope is alright cause i'm most likely to find the artist themselves.

 anyways it was the last day and they where clearing off all the table and about to throw everything out. so i asked a few people they said it was OK so i took them home with me despite the weird look i got.  They are done on place mats as doodles  during the convention as artist set around a table at the con.   I watches you draw some of these but not sure who you all where even though i talked with a few of you..   anyways without republishing the art out there on the net I've taken picture of the artist's signatures if you recognize them and and can help me find these artists or samples of there finished art that would be awesome

Thank you
Wolfcat :)