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Room Share Forum - 2015 Tips
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:36:36 AM »
With Furnal Equinox's main hotel now sold out for the weekend, we anticipate that there's going to be a lot of people looking for room shares over the next few weeks -- so I figured I'd put together a few suggestions.

1) Remember there are options!
The Marriott Toronto Airport is Furnal Equinox's official overflow hotel.
It's just a five minute walk down the street from the Sheraton, no crosswalks or anything -- trust me, I've gotten old people to walk it, and they say five minutes.
The rate is only $110 a night AND you get discounted parking for only $5 a night -- so give it some thought!

2) Be careful and protect yourself.
If you decide to share a room -- whether in the main hotel or otherwise -- it's best to room with people that you know and trust. If you don't know the person, ask around and make sure that they have a good reputation.
Make sure to negotiate the ground rules and a price for your stay well in advance, and set out your sleeping arrangements.
If you are in any way uncomfortable, then please don't stay in the room!

3) Remember -- maximum occupancy is there for a reason.
The hotel reserves the right to check how many people in a room. Extra requests for towels and bedding make things more difficult for their housekeeping team.
But more importantly, the maximum occupancy isn't just an arbitrary number -- it's there for your own safety to make it easier for you to get out in case of an evacuation (don't laugh, it's happened very recently). More people makes it more likely that you'll get injured, or worse, if you need to leave quickly.
Also consider that the hotel will not register more than four guests in a room, so we have no way of determining whether you are safe in case of an emergency.
If you're considering being the 5th (or more) in a room... consider your safety.

4) If you don't need your room anymore, please be courteous and cancel.
Every year, guests don't show up to claim their rooms, but they can't be resold because we don't find out until it's too late. If your plans change and you don't need your room anymore, please be courteous and give others the opportunity to stay!
Consider making arrangements to transfer your reservation to someone else or cancel the room together BEFORE our block close date of February 26, 2015 -- so someone else has the chance to reserve it.

You still have a little under six weeks to consider your rooming arrangements at the con, and we hope everybody has a great time upon getting here -- just make sure that you're considering all these things as you prepare for the con!
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Re: Room Share Forum - 2015 Tips
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Great info

Thanks  :D