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What The Fur 2015
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:22:33 AM »
Isn’t time a funny thing? We travel forward through it, never stopping, relentlessly inching towards the future, second by second, following the same track as everyone else. But what if the track weren’t so straight? What if - just maybe - there were ways to change direction? To loop back and see things that happened? To skip forward and experience things that we can’t yet imagine? What if you could see the dinosaurs? Have tea with a roman emperor? See the CCLVI Space Olympics (I hear the zero-gravity gymnastics diving competitions are something to behold)? Or would people from other times jump to now, and experience What The Fur for the first time?

Come and imagine with us. The time is now… er… then… you know what we mean.

What The Fur Presents:
Time Travellin’ Furries
May 22-24 2015, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Registration is open!
As of today, we’re opening up the floodgates and firing up the registration engine! Fom now until December 1st, get a deal and pre-register at our Early Bird rates! Regular, full weekend passes are only $45.
If you’re a dealer, the deal is better still. $110 will get you a full table in the Dealers room for the whole weekend, and you can add another person as your helper for no extra charge!

Guest of honour: Cat-Monk Shiro
Originally from the wild plains of Saskatchewan, and now hailing from the metropolis of Toronto, we’re pleased and honoured to have Cat-Monk Shiro as our guest for 2015!

More news will definitely be coming in the near future! So join us again in May for one heck of a bash, whether you’re coming from yesterday or tomorrow.
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