Author Topic: To all you little Monsters out there... Welcome to the Faelands  (Read 782 times)


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**over the past several weeks strange things have been happening at night. Circles of mushrooms are popping up all over the place and there have been strange lantern lights seen floating in the deep woods after dark. Some people have gone into the forests only to come back... different. Hair shocked white and acting as if they've been gone for years rather then hours. Some have stories of meeting monsters and strange creatures. Some have simply never come back. **

**This evening, music begins seeping in from the darkest parts of the forests... the sounds of laughter and revelry floating through the air. Several strange lights come out from the darkness, bobbing and floating about, moving closer and closer. With the tinkling sound of laughter, a woman appears following after them dressed in a black and red gown and wearing a top hat decorated with peacock feathers. She reaches the edge of the woods, the lights floating about her like guardians and she raises her voice to speak**

"Hello to all of you out there. My name, is MythicFables, but please do call me Fae. I speak for the Faelands, and we the creatures of that land have decided to make our presence known. We are putting a call out... a call to all those that creep, that skitter, that whisper across the winds, and everything else that is... just a little bit stranger. We have a home for you now. A home.. for all the little monsters out there. Come to us and find a place for yourselves."

"We welcome all to come and join us. We have so much to offer. Music, wine.... revels and parties that seem to go on forever almost as if they were... magical. We welcome all to come and find us in the deep dark and join us in our community of creatures. Finally a home that will welcome all you monsters out there into our arms."

"We have long since watched and slumbered and now are making our presence known. Why now? Our reasons for doing so are our own. Perhaps it was that lovely bomb of yours ripping cracks into the world through which things could slip... or maybe it was a convergence of magic... or maybe we've simply been here all along. These things do not matter. What matters is that we are here now, and we are strong. If you wish to see how strong... you are free to test us at your own peril.... but we would much rather welcome you to our table and offer you wine ever flowing. That sounds much more lovely don't you think?"

"I say again... a message to all you little monsters out there. To all those that float, crawl, or slither... to all those with a love of laughter, or a taste for things that are... darker... come join us in the woods. We have drinks, food, and dancing that never seems to end. All are welcome here with us and are encouraged to seek us out. After a visit, you may find yourself staying with us... forever...."

**she smiles and begins stepping backwards into the darkness of the woods**

"Come find us in the woods at night... look for the lantern lights... they will show you the way."

**she retreats into the dark and moments later the lights bobbing in the air follow after her, bobbing and floating, their glow fading until they too vanish into the night**

A home for all the monsters out there...
Welcome to the Faelands.